Dark nights and code

photography of cat at full moon
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I love Fall. Growing up in Florida, it was only something I knew of from TV. But cooler weather, spicy drinks, and longer shadows have always appealed to me, so Fall and I became fast friends. Does this mean I’ve been taking long walks in the evening hours?

Hell no. It’s Halloween time in Witch City and this means that I’m hiding from the crowds. While the hoards clog the streets, I’m working on some web projects that I’ve been meaning to get to. That’s doesn’t mean I’m abandoning this site. (It’s a personal blog, so it’s kind of always here for me to update when I feel like it.) I’m just working on something else as well.

I hope to have it in a state to show soon.

Working on the system

I’m on my new desktop, running updates, which is something you have to do on Windows systems. Selectively, I’d forgotten that. It’s not a big deal, but I like to force them to run because there’s no way in hell I’m going to let machine tell me when I turn it off.

OS idiosyncrasies aside, the new computer has been a lot of fun and every bit the “project car” I hoped it to be. The problem, however, is that I’m running out of parts to upgrade. I finally got a new graphics card for it, and I’m now using fancy new RGB fans. I’m quickly running out of things to do.

Don’t worry. I’m not weeping for there are not more lands to conquer just yet.

I have a few more things planed for the system before I’m willing to call it 100%. Not least of which is waiting for Windows 11 to finishes all of it’s updates. But again, working on your system is not a bad way to spend a slightly too hot night.

Sunday Typing

Summer is fully on us and I’m trying to get some small whiffs of the AC from my tiny home office. It’s been a little bit since my last post and I expect the updates on here to be spotty at best for the next few months. The main reason for this is that I’ve gotten a new gig and I have been really busy in a good way.

I’m also typing this on my new hand-build, DIY PC. First one in longer than I’m going to admit to on the Internet, thank-you-very-much! I haven’t really used Windows as any kind of “daily driver” in about five years, so my PC sysadmin skills are slightly rusty, which is one of the main reasons that I did it.

I realized that I need the project car. Something I could tinker on that also had some real power behind it. Like people used to do on muscle cars back in the fabled Before Times when people supposedly had money for such pursuits.

It is nice that to have a machine that I built myself, that performs exactly the way I want it to, and if it doesn’t, I have at least some idea of what’s wrong and how to get it there. I’m still in the honeymoon phase where I’m moving all my stuff in here, and seeing what trouble we can get up to. (And don’t worry, I haven’t given up my M1 MacBook Air. That thing still rips and is my main computer. This is just here to be the on going project.)

That’s pretty much all I’ve got for this lazy Sunday. Time to get back under the hood.


fawn pug covered by Burberry textile between plants

I’m currently writing this under four blankets and I’m debating if I’m strong enough to venture out and get a fifth. It’s entirely too cold for me to function. I’m from FL for Heaven’s Sake, and I didn’t like February back then.

I’ve been writing a lot of fiction lately and I’d like to get back to it, but as I’ve said before… cold.

Trying Productivity methods

brown and white wooden desk with chair and laptop
Because oppressive signage is motivating

For the last two months I have been trying some productivity methods and gotten really good results from them. What are they? I’ll probably be getting into that in the next month or so, but I don’t really like it when people sing the praises of their productivity tools before really letting them settle in.

So why am I talking about this now? Like I said, I’ve been getting some great results out of them and I wanted to do a quick check in post because I realized I haven’t written here in a while.

Operation Read All The Things

books on bookshelf

Read one news article today and burned right the hell out. However, I’ve decided on a new project for the last few weeks of the year: I’m going to clear out some of the pending books in my “Currently Reading” folder on GoodReads.

A lot of them are on audio book so I’ll probably be reading them while playing video games to give my hands something to do while I listen to the story.

I’ll hop back on here and let you know how that goes. Currently, I have six books that I’m “Currently Reading” and more that I actually want to get to before the new year.

Plotting returns

So as I’ve noted before, I’ve been playing a lot of Hades. One thing that I’ve found is that if the gameplay is receptive enough, I can sort of mediate and think about other things.

So I’ve been thinking a lot about TTRPG’s lately. And while I said I was going to wait to go back to my home-brew D&D world, I find my mind wondering back there often. That said, I’m not going to use D&D for when my players return to it. I’m currently still shopping around for a new system.

Fate looks pretty interesting right now for the way I like to run games.

Still in the notes phase of things, but some test games are on the horizon.

In the meantime, however, the AC is getting switched on. Summer has returned to Witch City.

Library Run

Today was a very slow morning for me. Felt like I was in a tank struggling to move. However, I forced myself out of the house and down to my local library to finally pick up a library card. I had one at the hight of the pandemic but it was a temp card and has since expired.

It’s been a while since I’ve had access to a good library and my head is swimming with all the things that I can check out. It’s a cliché for a reason, but libraries really are magical places. The problem is that we live in Late Stage Capitalism world and I forget that there are just free media warehouses just sitting in every neighborhood. And of course now, they have digital lending components as to be even more powerful.

Not really sure where I’m going with all this but to say this is a PSA for libraries: please don’t forget they’re out there.

Halloween Season Starts NOW

silhouette of trees during red moon

Decided to make myself go for a walk today whilst New England pissed rain. it wasn’t too bad and food needed to be had. Spotify decided to play Ministry’s excellent Every Day Is Halloween.

It’s September 1 and while we still have 21 more days of summer, damnit, it is most decidedly the spooky Halloween season. I fought the impulse for as long as I could, but as of now it begins.

Horror movies will be watched, dark beers will be had, and general magic will be in the air. The spring is always an empowering time for me, but this time of year feels like coming home. I think I need a little of that right now.