Inbox Zero

All email is processed, moved into its correct folder or deleted outright. In the last two days I have gone through thousands of emails that were of no consequence and only distracted from the mail I actually needed to see. This is why people hate email and are intimidated by the internet in general.

I probably should have something more clever to say about that, but I’m tired. Will be back online tomorrow after a good nights rest.

Note: while I was typing this, a new email came in… It’s been processed, but I think that says more about this situation than I could.

The Great Email Purge, Part 2

Still hacking away at the email. In the late 00’s there was a term called “bacon” that was spam that you signed up for. It fell out of usage quickly but it applies here. I have tens of thousands of bacon emails that I’ve had to sift through. I have uncovered and processed some actionable emails from my burner email address that I never check.

I’ve also installed even more email filters in Gmail so I should actually start seeing actionable things easier from that account. But Gmail makes it just tedious enough to make filters that you don’t want to do it all the time. So I might be back in this boat in a few months. We’ll see. Google makes this a bit of a moving target.

The Great Email Purge

In my two main email accounts I get a lot of junk. I don’t really clean it out or even check one of my accounts. This is ironic because I’ve taught email productivity professionally for years.

The shoemaker’s kids go barefoot, and all that.

My Inbox is at a massive number – which I will not share with internet – and I’m currently downloading all of my mail into Apple’s desktop email app. I was going to use Outlook, which I know a lot better, but Google has blocked all of the features that make that application useful. In fact, the Apple app was able to use some basic organization features with Gmail that Outlook couldn’t.

Once the download is complete, the great email purge and reorganization begins. I will post updates.

I’m Only Here For the Solder

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve been looking a lot at modular synths. However, the thing that interests me the most about them isn’t their utility as an instrument, but the DIY community that has always been with them. I’ve always wanted to get into that level of electronics, but have never had a good application for learning those skills.

Even though I was a fire alarm installer, I wasn’t building the components directly. It was a lot of cable pulls and wiring things directly to prebuilt junction points.

So while I may never make any good music, I might make some interesting modules that could make good sounds if only I knew what the hell I was doing.