Notebook Inventory

This is the current stock of notebooks that I have. (Well sort of, there is another Lichtenstein 1917 floating around here somewhere, but I think my den has eaten it.)

I think to be a writer, you have to have a stationary fetish on some level. Since college, I’ve been a Moleskine guy. They’re sturdy and say “look at me, I’m fancy,” which when you’re the only one reading your writing, sometimes you need.

But things have changed since I was in college – like the Earth’s crust cooled and not everything is sepia toned. So I’m trying to branch out at try the other two big notebook makers: Lichtenstein 1917 and Field Notes. And by “branch out” I mean buy them and not write in them.

So I’m doing a notebook freeze until I use some of the one’s I have. (Yes, I bought the Field Notes today. Shut up!)

In the interest of testing out some of the other types of notebooks I have, I’m going to break them up into themes. I’m going to use the Field Notes as a daily driver for small, quick notes and to do lists. The Lichtenstein 1917 I think will be best served as a Reflection Journal. Basically a series of questions I’ll answer each month. (Need to work out what those are. Might publish the questions – not the answers – on here.)

The hard back Moleskine is already a traditional journal that I almost never write in, and the big soft cover is my DM’s journal for D&D.

The others are just going to stay surplus for now. And before you @ with “Bullet Journal! Bullet Journal!” I’ll have you know that I was also doing that before the Earth’s crust cooled, and it doesn’t work with my current workflow at the moment. Plus hasn’t that kind of morphed into scrap booking now?