Back to coding

Looks like the website is caching it’s records in the social repositories that it should. Albeit a little slower than I’d like.

Took the day off coding yesterday because of the whole, Democracy was saved thing. It’s great to finally have the Trump Administration in the rear view.

But it’s a new day and back to coding for me. The new site stands up and has the very basic functionality to be called a blog and it looks like hell, but I put it together with my own hands. Now just comes the work of getting to feature parity with the current site and making it look… I’m not going to say pretty… just better than it currently does.

The Saga Continues

So I fixed both connections in IFTTT, but FaceBook isn’t posting and it’s just… sigh… it’s fine.

I don’t know if yet another change in FaceBook’s TOS as made it so that you can’t automate posts even for pages, which I was forced into using. Honestly, at this point I don’t feel like pouring over documentation. Don’t know what I’m going to do about that connection point yet. The smart money is currently on the “I don’t care anymore,” train.

I might be moving all my social connections over to Twitter now that it’s slightly less of a hornet’s nest. We’ll see.

Back to the coding pits to work with technologies that I actually want to work with.

IFTTT and me might be at an end

There’s a web service that I have been using for years called IFTTT – stands for If This, Then That. It’s a way to automate things across the web and I’ve recently been using it to throw this site’s feed into Twitter and Facebook. The alternative being – ugh – actually using Facebook and Twitter.

But IFTTT has now updated their TOS and only allows for three services to be used on the free account. Shouldn’t be a problem because I was only using two, but when they made the change it broke my applets anyway and removed them from the interface.

An interface they have quite frankly, totally fucked up. I had to dig through menus to find the things I’d set up. I turned the services back on, but who knows if they are working right. Going to post this as a test.

I’ve been trying to build the new version of my site but I’ve been spending the last 45 minuets just trying to breath life back into this.

New Year

Haven’t written here in a while, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been writing. Far from it. I started journaling again back in November and I’ve more or less kept up with it every day since. So that has wicked some of the impetus to create on this blog, but I needed to do something to justify my re-awoken notebook lust.

It’s a new year and I am a resolution kind of guy. Although I’m not going to go over all of them here. I have my analog journal for that. Yes blog, I’m cheating on you! But I did want to say that I’m going to be rebuilding this site given that at some point in the next month or two I will have been running it for a year and I want have a lot more control over the look and feel of it. (If you’re not going to code and setup everything by hand, what’s the point?)

So look forward to more updates on that as I create my own Jekyll theme, and possible crash the entire site. I’m sure it’ll be fine.