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IFTTT and me might be at an end

There’s a web service that I have been using for years called IFTTT – stands for If This, Then That. It’s a way to automate things across the web and I’ve recently been using it to throw this site’s feed into Twitter and Facebook. The alternative being – ugh – actually using Facebook and Twitter.

But IFTTT has now updated their TOS and only allows for three services to be used on the free account. Shouldn’t be a problem because I was only using two, but when they made the change it broke my applets anyway and removed them from the interface.

An interface they have quite frankly, totally fucked up. I had to dig through menus to find the things I’d set up. I turned the services back on, but who knows if they are working right. Going to post this as a test.

I’ve been trying to build the new version of my site but I’ve been spending the last 45 minuets just trying to breath life back into this.