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Halloween Season Starts NOW

silhouette of trees during red moon

Decided to make myself go for a walk today whilst New England pissed rain. it wasn’t too bad and food needed to be had. Spotify decided to play Ministry’s excellent Every Day Is Halloween.

It’s September 1 and while we still have 21 more days of summer, damnit, it is most decidedly the spooky Halloween season. I fought the impulse for as long as I could, but as of now it begins.

Horror movies will be watched, dark beers will be had, and general magic will be in the air. The spring is always an empowering time for me, but this time of year feels like coming home. I think I need a little of that right now.



  1. And this is why I have always wished I lived somewhere fallish. I’m excited to see how the fall hits here. Should at least get chilly! Hooray! And apparently little spanish kids love to get scary and gory for halloween. I’m excited! Enjoy dem dark beers.