So it would seem that any algorithmic traffic that was coming from Facebook has stopped. According to WordPress, I haven’t had a page view in a few days. That’s okay because that’s not why I do this. In fact, I didn’t even have a way to track views for the first year that I ran this version of the blog.

I do this to have a public facing record of what I’m up to in case anyone who knows me is interested. And so that I know what’s been going on when I look back over it.

The Weekend

Going to be taking it easy this weekend. Had kind of a stressful week for reasons I don’t feel like writing about. I’m taking the rest of the weekend off. So there won’t be any more posts from me until afterwards.

See y’all on Monday.

Another Reading Day

assorted book lot

looked at my “to read” shelf and decided to crank through some books. Trying not to look at too many computers today. Been getting over loaded. Reading books with pages that don’t plug in.

(But I probably will be putting my Kindle on charge.)

Can be reached at the normal communication lines if you must.

I’m Still Mad About Google Reader

Been trying to practice what I preach and actually look up web content outside of the Social Silos. This means firing up an old Feedly account and read the ‘net like we did back when we used to call it the ‘net.*

When I find an article that looks good, I throw it into Pocket for reading and deep archive.

We’ll see if I can keep this up long enough for it to actually be a value add in my life.

*Nobody ever called it the ‘net.

Weekend Plans

filled glass on shore

Getting around to head into the city to see humans. I know these humans so it’s okay. For me. I don’t know about the humans.

Never know about humans.

There’s a few more posts I want to make over the weekend, so we’ll see if I get to them. I’ve also found out that WordPress as a CLI which is very exiting to me as I can use it to script things. Scripting things brings me joy. Might get into that as well. Also, I want to do some more reading. Also also, I need to stand up a server to host all my code because GitHub has changed its login procedures in a way that makes uploading code to a remote repository a slight pain in the ass.

Busy weekend coming up, which means I’ll get to none of it. Shut up.

The Books Love Me Back

Didn’t check my phone for a few hours only to look at my notifications and see that there was a tornado warning in my area. My area being Massachusetts and has never had a tornado in the 10+ years I’ve lived here.

This has done nothing good for my phone addiction.

That’s how my day’s been going. Finished a few books last evening so that might be the direction this evening takes as well.

I’ve alluded to this in past post, but I think a new phase is starting and it is something darkly academic.

Evening Sorted

silhouette of trees

Github has changed how it’s passwords work and now I have to create tokens when I want to upload my code to a private repository. I know the real answer to this is to run a repository on my own servers and cut Github out of the loop entirety, but I just don’t feel like setting that up at the moment. For some damn fool reason, I want to work on my own projects and not my tooling.

But enough of that for now.

As I said a few posts back, I took a week off from reading and just now finished a book. Now I’m looking for something new. Probably should finish one of the seven or so books I’m currently in the middle of, but I’ll most likely start a new one and then nod off to bed.

That’s most likely my evening sorted.

Start Of The Week

Been puttering around the house for the last few hours, had the other half of a sandwich, and now I’m about ready to go for a walk. I’d like to clear my head before I sit down and take care of a few things.

While today is shaping up to be a very technical day, it has dawned on me that I haven’t read anything in almost a week. That’s something else I’m going to have to look into.

Into The West

green plastic dice on white surface

No updates yesterday because I was running the last session for my long running D&D campaign. We started in December of 2017, so It’s been a while.

Everybody seemed to enjoy the ending that I made, but I underestimated how finishing a campaign that long would make me feel. The longest continuous campaign I’d run before this was only about three months and that petered out instead of having an official ending. About five minutes after ending this one I have a serious head-rush that lasted for a few hours. In fact, I still feel pretty good, where as I usually feel sort of drained after a session.

Been slowly knocking about the house today, picking things up. Running D&D as an adult means basically running a dinner party so there’s a lot of clean up afterwards. I also have a lot of online accounts that I need to shut down. I’ve been a subscriber to roll20, which we used during the hight of the pandemic, and I was making maps over at Inkcarnate. Also I had a wiki of my campaign world over at World Anvil.

All of these services were great but a lot of them were more tool for me, so I’ll have to pull my data out and close down any paid subscriptions. That’s pretty much the tenor of the next few days: archiving the old campaign materials and thinking about the future.

Probably won’t be going with D&D for the next game. I found it to be a little restrictive for the way I like to run games right now. So I’m going to be looking at what else is out there, and most likely publishing my thoughts on here.

Quiet Night In Witch Town

mountains with trees under white star at night

Just finished prepping for Dungeons and Dragons tomorrow. Been working on it for the last two days and it feels good to have it done. I’m not one of those DM’s that likes to go insane with prep. I just like to have what I need for when I’m at the table. (Knowing what that will be is the trick, you see.)

I am however, a little fried and trying to take the next few hours to relax. Which for the last week or two has meant working on this site – either by tweaking settings or writing posts. Was talking with my wife earlier and I came to realization that my sites are the equivalent to working on muscle cars in the front yard.

So if you ever need me, I’ll be out here tightening bolts and making sure the engine’s running. (Or, you know, trying to keep the fires out.)