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Quiet Night In Witch Town

mountains with trees under white star at night

Just finished prepping for Dungeons and Dragons tomorrow. Been working on it for the last two days and it feels good to have it done. I’m not one of those DM’s that likes to go insane with prep. I just like to have what I need for when I’m at the table. (Knowing what that will be is the trick, you see.)

I am however, a little fried and trying to take the next few hours to relax. Which for the last week or two has meant working on this site – either by tweaking settings or writing posts. Was talking with my wife earlier and I came to realization that my sites are the equivalent to working on muscle cars in the front yard.

So if you ever need me, I’ll be out here tightening bolts and making sure the engine’s running. (Or, you know, trying to keep the fires out.)