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Into The West

green plastic dice on white surface

No updates yesterday because I was running the last session for my long running D&D campaign. We started in December of 2017, so It’s been a while.

Everybody seemed to enjoy the ending that I made, but I underestimated how finishing a campaign that long would make me feel. The longest continuous campaign I’d run before this was only about three months and that petered out instead of having an official ending. About five minutes after ending this one I have a serious head-rush that lasted for a few hours. In fact, I still feel pretty good, where as I usually feel sort of drained after a session.

Been slowly knocking about the house today, picking things up. Running D&D as an adult means basically running a dinner party so there’s a lot of clean up afterwards. I also have a lot of online accounts that I need to shut down. I’ve been a subscriber to roll20, which we used during the hight of the pandemic, and I was making maps over at Inkcarnate. Also I had a wiki of my campaign world over at World Anvil.

All of these services were great but a lot of them were more tool for me, so I’ll have to pull my data out and close down any paid subscriptions. That’s pretty much the tenor of the next few days: archiving the old campaign materials and thinking about the future.

Probably won’t be going with D&D for the next game. I found it to be a little restrictive for the way I like to run games right now. So I’m going to be looking at what else is out there, and most likely publishing my thoughts on here.