in Status

Blogging about Blogging. Yeah, I know.

I was looking at my old blog a little bit ago, and I noticed that I have made over 75 posts to this site, which is 4 more than I did on the old blog in the 7 years I ran it (2012 – 2018). For contrast, I started this blog in February of this year.

So why have I posted so much more on this site than the last one? Been thinking about that I lot lately, and – as near as there is a reason for such things – I think is has to do with the kind of content I post on here and who my intended reader is.

On the last site I was writing article-like posts for some techie reader who I didn’t have a clear image in head of. There was no real theme. I jumped from bitching about the current state of the web to hyper detailed accounts of my own writing output, with total disregard for who would be reading it.

This site is slightly different. This is much more like a journal of whatever I’m currently doing or thinking about. I’ve intended it to be a throw-back to blogs of the 90’s and 00’s. My audience is different as well. My ideal reader is myself from the future, and maybe my friends who would like to know what the hell I’m up to right now.

That shift has meant that the posts are usually MUCH shorter on here but are more numerous. I care less about things being perfect because I’m only capturing what’s going on in the last few hours of my life.

I like this format much better. I’ve always been a fan of the Gonzo style and I’ve always thought that the web was the best resting place for it. So here is to another 75 posts, if I can manage it.