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More Comics

I have five huge deluxe edition comic collections sitting on my coffee table unread, mocking me. I’m still making my way through 100 Bullets and it’s still very good. There’s just a lot of it. There’s 100 issues because Brian Azzarello likes to be cute. I’ve read over 60 issues of it, which is where a lot of Vertigo series liked to end. This means that the story is feeling like it’s dragging just because it’s now outside of the normal rhythm.

And after that I have Y The Last Man lined up.

So Am I reading any of this? Fuck no, I’m on like looking at volumes of Judge Dredd. It’s a comic I’ve always lusted after as it’s hard to get here in the states. Or at least it was when I was a kid and really wanted to read it. Now they’ve collected it into huge volumes that I can go through in chronological order.

Because I need a bigger backlog.