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30 Days plus one

I jumped into the SiteLeaf account to write about running this site for a month and posting every day. Turns out that was yesterday.

That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about how things have been going, but it’s my blog damn it and I can be a long winded as I want.

Posting every day really hasn’t been that big of a deal and I’ve found that I’ve been able to fold it into my time fairly easily. When I go to write, I don’t dread it as I’ve done with other “blogging challenges.”

I put that in quotes because back in the day I used to give my self challenges to write every day for a month. I would make a big deal of it and I would write a review of each week during the challenge. And it was always a slog. In fact, I only finished one of those challenges once.

I thought the reason for this was that I was lazy. Turns out that was wrong. The fact that I wouldn’t write much on the blog was that I was building it up in my mind too much. It had to be too perfect. On my old blog, I was writing what I hoped were full articles and not simple posts. (These are very different in my mind. One is much more formal while the other is a simple update that you could see on any social media service.)

What I’m trying to do with this site is a simple sketch pad for me be play with ideas in a public space and to be a signaling system for what I’m working on each day. That every simple mission statement takes a lot of pressure off of me to be perfect and allows be the freedom to just get on with it.

I look forward to updating this site and have done some multiple times in a day, which was unthinkable on my last blog. This, to me, is the purest expression of what blogging is: personal updates about what’s happening in a persons life right now. Writing online should be about freedom and not a dreaded chore.

Because of that, I think I’ve actually written a few posts that are of some interest and would have had a place at my old blog, but I have been posting them at a higher frequency than I ever did on my other site.

This all said, I’ve written enough of these self-congratulatory posts to fear what comes next: the months long silence followed by the “it’s been a while” post. Somehow I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that this time, but we’ll see. All I can do is open this window again, sooner rather than later, and start typing. No pressure.