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Disco Elysium first impressions

I’m about three hours into the RPG Disco Elysium, and it’s pretty good so far. The game feels so complex that I don’t know if three hours is even enough for an accurate first impress, but here we are.

The game is thankfully as weird as I hoped it would be. (The fear with games that sell themselves on their strangeness is that they just come off as quirky. In that freshman roommate kind of way.) The system of your skills being voices in your head with their own agency is actually smoother than I would have expected. It just sort of feels like you’re playing a table top RPG and the GM is feeding you information as they do.

But I knew I was going to like the game when it opened with me having to talk my lizard brain in to letting me out of an alcohol induced coma.

I’ll keep you posted as I play more with the game, but it’s memorable so far.