in Thoughts

Ghost Signals

Been watching a lot of YouTube about EuroRack. If you don’t know, EuroRack is a modular synth setup. I’ve always wanted to get into synth but for years I was so ignorant of it, that I didn’t even know the right terms to plug into Google for a proper search.

Most people see the word synth as a dark shibboleth used only by the most arcane of music producers and not for faint of heart hobbyist such as myself. Truth is is the kind of electronics that are simple for me to wrap my head around. I grew up with this kind of low voltage wiring as that is the kind of electrician my dad is. The circuitry of a EuroRack module is not dissimilar at all from a fire alarm.

There’s something romantic about how a synth takes the same current that we live with every day and sculpts if into – not only sounds – but entire songs. As if it was always there. It’s like sculpting. The sounds are there and always have been, you just have to use the knobs to tune them in. Like an antenna, picking up ghost signals from dead radio stations.