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Nobody’s Favorite

Software has been on my brain a lot lately. In no small part thanks to building this site. It’s been a lot of reading people gushing over the concept of the JAMStack.

Which has me thinking that perhaps the only people who still have technology they love are programers. It used to not be that way. We used to get really excited about new technology: gadgets, software, games. (I’m an old, so I remember people standing in line for copies of Windows 95.)

Now we have things that are ubiquitous but nobody’s favorite. Nobody loves Facebook. Contrary to the screaming echo chamber of hot takes, not everyone who uses it hates it, but no one is excited by the prospect of logging in.

I think we’re all just exhausted by technology around us. We have to use it for work and are afraid we’ll be found out as not being The Best at it. Then we get home and find out that the “for fun” software on our phones are eroding the concept of personal privacy, or subverting democracy, or some such.

Put country plain: Technology is a support structure for life, but right now, I think we might have it the other way around.